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"A new step in the business sector of Kerala, With the financial participation of its members, Suvarnasree aims to provide consumables at affordable prices to consumers in rural and urban areas through our supermarkets . In Kerala, Suvarnasree is also implementing a new scheme to provide quality daily Consumables to our members and others with various benefits. We also implements Purchase Dividend and Profit Dividend schemes to our members.Suvarnasree Market buys the goods directly without intermediaries, So we can provices quality products with discounts of 5% - 10% to the customers. Those who will take membership in the supermarket also receive a dividend based on the investment. We look forward to your continued support and participations"

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FourES Tradelines Public Limited is a Thrissur based public limited company that has created a new revolution in the service trade across Kerala. Ordinary consumers in the retail sector are being exploited in a variety of ways, including price and quality. They will become one of a kind, and they will continue to be. The ultimate goal is to make quality products available to consumers at the lowest possible prices by procuring products directly from manufacturers. Suvarnasree Supermarkets allow franchisees to start in a variety of ways, both small and large, and individuals or groups can apply for the franchise. Since then, many Suvarnasree supermarkets have been set up all over Kerala...

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